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Our Curriculum

Global Christians


Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural

We are a church school and a loving Christian family.  We want our children to grow up loving our world, feeling a valuable part of it, knowing they have a contribution to make.  We recognise and respect the range of beliefs and cultures within our world. 

Christian values and the love of God are at the heart of our teaching and learning.

Creative Citizens


Community & The Arts

We want to enrich our curriculum and broaden opportunities for the children by using our whole community and unique location. 

We will plan to stimulate our children’s minds and bodies and nurture their skills and talents through opportunities for creative expression.

Equipped for Life


Life Skills & Enterprise

We know that we are preparing our children for the rest of their lives.  We aim to help them;

  • Discover their individual skills and talents
  • Seek challenges and make good progress

Have high aspirations for their future.

We use the Secrets of Success to develop the right attitudes in our children to help them become successful lifelong learners.

We recognise the importance of developing entrepreneurial skills such as negotiation, team work and leadership as well as business skills such as presentation, marketing and budgeting.

Underpinning everything we do in school, is a relentless focus on the acquisition of basic skills, for without the ability to read and write and apply basic mathematical concepts to problems, children will be unable to access any other form of learning.

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