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Online Safety

Online Safety Video of the Month

PEGI ratings support parents in choosing age appropriate games for their children.  This month our online safety video is from the video standards website and explains the PEGI ratings system.

The video also mentions a website, askaboutgames.com, which you may find helpful for finding out about video games ratings and gaming as a family.

Internetmatters.org have also published a list of games which you can play with your children online which can help develop their imagination and skills such as resilience.

We have included a link here in case you would like to explore some new games with your children over the summer break.

Tip of the Month

This year we have shared a lot of information about how to keep your children safe online.  It is also important to remember that using the internet and online activities can be very beneficial to the children. Therefore our top tip this month is a link to a web page about nine ways the internet can be good for your children from the very youngest in school to teenagers. We hope you find it interesting!

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