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Our children are passionate about environmental issues, and in this role they will take a lead in encouraging an eco-friendly approach across the school. They will be involved in projects such as litter picking, recycling and surveying the rubbish on Bexhill beach (with a particular focus on plastic).

Children had to apply for the position of Eco-Warrior, telling us what they could bring to the team. Our successful candidates are:

Clean Seas Please

We recently enjoyed a visit from Andy Dinsdale of Clean Seas Please.  Andy spoke to the whole school about how the small actions they take can make a big difference to protecting the planet.  Andy then worked with our team of Eco-Warriors identifying and clearing rubbish at the beach.  The children were sad to discover lots of plastic food wrappings, which they gathered up and disposed of properly.  Also, whilst at the beach the children searched in rock pools for different sea creatures and were pleased to find a wide range of sealife.  Fabian and Faraz commented that, 'On our next visit to the beach we hope people have made more wise decisions about clearing their rubbish up and respecting the environment.  We would like to see the sealife flourish rather than have to face survival against plastic waste'.  They went on to say, 'One small piece of rubbish picked up by man, is one large step for the planet'.    

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