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The position of Librarian is open to children in Years 4 and 5.  Children write a letter of application explaining why they would be suitable for the post.  

In her application Hannah said 'I possess a strong understanding of management, IT equipment and the day to day running of a library', whilst Nancy explained 'Outside a dog, a book is a man's best friend because if ever you are feeling lonely, you can get lost in a book and it will take away all of your worries'.

Teraiya told us, 'Our library is a very special place and I would like to inspire others to read' and Lohan said, 'I love books because they are full of surprises'.

The job...

Our Librarians have the important job of keeping our Library organised, attractive and tidy.  They work in two teams - The Ahlbergs and The Blytons - and every day they give up their free time to do their librarian duties.  

They also spend time talking to children about books and authors we could purchase for our library.  Once a year they gather up all of this information and are allowed to spend a significant amount of money purchasing books requested by their peers at a local bookshop.  This event is very much looked forward to by the whole school and children wait in anticipation for the new books to arrive in the library!

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