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        Teaching Assistants and Individual Needs Assistants

Mrs S Bland (Foundation Practitioner)          Mrs C Deeprose (Foundation Practitioner)

Mrs C Joy (Year 1)                                       Miss S Rose (Year 1)           

Mrs C Sharpe (Year 2)                                 Mrs B Coombes (Year 2)       

Miss T Swaysland (Year 3 INA/TA)

Miss J Barrellie (Year 3)                              Mrs C Robinson (Year 3)

Ms J Ranger (Year 4)                                   Mrs T Costello (Year 4)

Mrs A Joseph (Year 5)                                 Mrs D Hooper-Stein (Year 5)

Mrs M Sargent (Year 6)                               Mrs S Swatton (Year 6)

Miss F Flockhart (Inclusion TA)

Mrs C Deeprose (Parent Information Contact)

Play Leaders (Lunchtime Supervisors)

Mrs C Deeprose                 Mrs C Joy                                 Mrs S Bland

Mrs C Robinson                  Miss S Rose                              Mrs A Joseph

Mrs H Born                        Mrs Costello                             Mrs C Sharpe

Miss K Thomas                   Mr L Frankham                        Mrs M Sargent

Mrs S Swatton                  Miss T Swaysland                     Ms J Ranger

Mrs B Coombes                  Mrs D Hooper-Stein                Miss J Barrellie


Office Staff

Mrs V Wormley Healing, School Business Manager

Mrs K Taylor, School Secretary

Mrs S Welch, Receptionist



Site Staff

Mr D Ottley, Site Manger

Mr L Frankham, Assistant Caretaker


Miss R Coleman, Cleaner

Mr M Deeprose, Cleaner

Mr S Taylor, Cleaner

Mrs J Cockett, Cleaner






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