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Our School Prayer

Father God, 

We ask You to bless our school, our work, 

our play and everything we do together.

Help us:

to be strong in heart like St Peter

to see and speak the truth like St Paul;

to love You and all Your children and

to do our best to make our school successful and happy.

We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Prayer Life in Our School

St Peter and St Paul is a Church of England school and prayer is an important and valued part of our school life.  We create opportunities for personal as well as for communal prayer.  Each classroom has a worship space which is a focus for individual or group prayer.  Also, around the school we have prayer spaces, which children can visit to pray, reflect, be quiet or share thoughts with their friends.

Children are taught some of the rich heritage of traditional prayer, but are also encouraged to recognise that prayer is about a personal relationship with God.  When sharing traditional prayers with our children we reflect upon the words used and explore the meaning of them in a variety of ways.

Prayer reflects the essence of our lives; joy and sorrow, a sense of belonging, a feeling of loneliness, celebration and peace, anger and upset.  It can emerge from a wide range of learning contexts and we teach our children that they can pray at any time, any where; God is beside them always.  

We pray together as a school every morning during worship.  Classes pray before lunch and at the end of each school day.

Class Led Worship

Class 3D shared their ideas about faith, which you can see in the video below. Please note this is a large file and may take a minute or two to download.



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