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Religious Education

At St Peter and St Paul Church of England (VA) Primary School we are committed to ensuring our children have an understanding of, and tolerance for, different faiths and customs, whilst developing a strong understanding of Christianity and how the Bible is a guide for life for many Christians.

We believe that Religious Education should be taught alongside and promote the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Development of our children.  We recognise that the balance between a knowledge of Christianity and an understanding of its ethics will develop children in all areas to become reflective, responsible and caring members of the school and wider community.

Religious Education provides an opportunity to celebrate and foster awareness of the differences within our school and the wider world.  It is a subject that celebrates diversity and challenges stereotypes.

Our curriculum follows the East Sussex Agreed Diocese Syllabus and uses Understanding Christianity as its core programme of study.  From Reception to Year 6 children learn about Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Islam; programmes of study become progressively more challenging with children being required to apply their learning to our local area and the wider world.  Children respond to and create 'Big Questions' in a continuous cycle of enquiry and discovery.

Religous Education is taught through drama, art, music and Godly Play.  To enrich our curriculum and to provide our children with real experiences visits are made to our different local churches and mosques.

To see an overview of our RE curriculum click here.

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