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English Curriculum


At St Peter and St Paul CE Primary School we develop children's abilities and their love of English in all its forms through a holistic and engaging programme of Speaking and Listening, Reading, Drama and Writing.  Children are given wide-ranging and stimulating opportunities, via a creative cross-curricular approach, to develop and refine their use, knowledge and understanding of spoken and written English.

Our curriculum has been designed, and is regularly refreshed, to ensure that it is inclusive, relevant and challenging for all learners, from Reception through to Year 6, enabling each child to maximise their development and achievement in English.

Our aim is for our children to leave our school as confident, skilled and accurate users of English through their speaking, reading and writing; prepared with the skills and knowledge for the next stage in their life.

A love of Speaking, Reading and Writing is not only fostered in our school in the conventional classroom context but is inspired beyond the classroom through events, themed days and visiting experts. 

Recent events have included drama workshops for every year group, teacher-led and child-led performances for World Book Day and creative writing competitions, young librarian trips to buy books to refresh our library and dazzling productions of Peter Pan and Aladdin.


Our children will leave our school:

  • Competent speakers and listeners who are able to use their English skills confidently, skilfully and appropriately in both formal and informal contexts, eg: class discussions, formal presentations
  • Able to utilise discussions as a means of learning
  • With the range of skills that enable them to decode words easily
  • Reading and writing with confidence, fluency and understanding
  • Understanding and actively applying spelling, grammar and punctuation conventions
  • With a love of reading for pleasure
  • With a value of language and sustained interest in widening their vocabulary
  • Understanding and interacting with a wide range of formal and informal/fiction and non-fiction texts
  • Using their developing imaginations, creativity, inventiveness and critical awareness
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