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Careers Week

During ‘Careers Week’ the children were involved in a range of activities designed to help them think about their futures and the world of work.  They researched different jobs linked to their interests, completed application forms and tried out different roles including those of baker, custody sergeant and nurse. The children were inspired and amazed us with the variety of jobs they aspire to do… ranging from doctors, teachers and engineers to packaging designers, illustrators and dog groomers.  They thought about the skills they will need, the role school plays in preparing them and realised both boys and girls can do any job they put their mind to.  

In the Infants...

In Reception the children visited ‘careers stations’ where they role played different jobs and wrote about what they want to be when they grow up.

Phoebe was playing and told Mrs Smith she was ... “ a doctor, I’m helping her. Tap tap tap” . Mrs Smith asked  “Why are you tapping her knee?” Phoebe  said “because that’s what doctors do!”

In Year 1 and Year 2 children learned about lots of different careers and thought about what they would like to be when they grow up.  They learned how lots of different roles and responsibilities may be needed to create a finished product e.g. making a pot of jam.

The children also learned that you can aspire to be anything you want to be regardless of your gender. 

Elisia: "I would like to be a doctor so I can help people'. 

Carter: "I love building houses I want to be a real builder when I am older".




In Year 3...

Year 3 re-created a mini Kidzania allowing children to experience different jobs. 

There was a hospital where children could be a nurse, paramedic, doctor and radiologist and also a Police Station where children could be a detective, forensic scientist, CCTV operative and a custody sergeant.  Here is what the children thought...

' I enjoyed the role of CCTV operative so much! I had to use my skills to solve the crime of 'Who stole Mrs Kuchta's chocolates?' We had to work in pairs and study the CCTV footage very carefully and make notes.'  Lucy

'I enjoyed being a Custody Sergeant and taking fingerprints; it was really interesting to see how it was done.'  Katy

'I liked it when I was a Doctor because I was able to use a real stethoscope.' Chloe

' I loved being a nurse today. I had to think about how I might help others and patients. It seemed real.'  Thomas

'My favourite part was when I was a Forensic Scientist. I liked using my science skills to 'lift' fingerprints from a  crime scene. It was really interesting. I didn't know it was done like that.'  Isabella

In Year 6...

During the week Year 6 focused on addressing gender stereotypes within the world of work and understanding that gender does not restrict the career paths that we choose to take.  They researched jobs linked to interests and completed application forms and CV's to apply for different jobs.  They also looked at the role of a baker and tested their skills in the kitchen making Ancient Egyptian Sesame Rings  They considered the other jobs that could be linked to working in a kitchen or with food.

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