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Design Technology

At St Peter and St Paul CE VA Primary School we value Design Technology as a subject that allows our children to use and show their creativity and imagination, whilst developing technical and practical skills.  Over their primary years our children develop a broad range of skills and knowledge, which will be essential in later life.

Our children are able to work with a variety of materials and use a variety of tools and equipment whether designing and sewing textiles, making evermore complex structures or understanding and using electrical systems.

Our Design Technology curriculum allows our children to apply and consolidate their learning in science, maths, computing and art.  It also teaches the children resilience and perseverance as most topics include a high level of problem solving.

We are lucky to have a fully equiped Design Technology Room, which includes kitchen facilities and a range of Design Technology resources.  Our children have a lot of opportunity to cook and study nutrition both through curricular and extra-curricular activities.  Our Creative Themes often inlcude the preparation and consumption of food from all over the world and our kitchen is always a very busy place during 'Christain Aid Week', when children create and make food items to sell.  Our staff enjoy sharing their own enthusiasm for cooking with the children and our after school cooking clubs are always very popular.

Home Learning Projects often include a Design Technology element and children are proud to share their outcomes through displays around the school; these celebrate the collaboration of parents and children working together at home.

To see an overview of our design technology curriculum click here.

Click here for our Design Technology Policy.

DT Week 2019

‘Design Technology Week’ - the children were involved in a range of DT activities. In the infants, Early Years based their week on DT activities related to nursery rhymes and even had a visit from some sheep and ducks! Y1 learned how to construct a stable dinosaur model and Y2 learned how to use jinks corners to make frames for their Tudor houses. In Year 3 and Year 4 children completed a range of DT challenges and in Years 5 and 6 children developed their food technology skills designing and making a variety of tasty and healthy dishes.

DT Week 2021

'Design Technology Week' - this year, DT Week involved the children in writing and making their own books.  Year 6 created books for their buddies in Reception based on nursery rhymes; their books contain a variety of mechanism for the younger children to enjoy.  Other year groups created pop-up, concertina and box books, which were non-fiction and gave the children an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge related to their Creative Theme.  

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