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Geography Curriculum

Our Geography curriculum reflects our local context and aims to inspire children to develop curiosity and fascination about the world.  It is coherently planned with breadth and ambition across all year groups; aiming to bring learning to life through first hand experiences.  It covers the four areas of Locational Knowledge, Place Knowledge, Human and Physical Geography, and Geographical Skills and Fieldwork.  Cross-curricular links are made wherever possible with a strong focus on locational and place knowledge. 

Children's knowledge and skills are developed through studying a range of places.  Over their primary school years, the children develop a good subject knowledge and use and apply their reading, writing, maths and computing skills to produce high quality work.

We are lucky to be surrounded by a rich environment.  Our school grounds, local beaches, Bexhill town and local woods are all utilised to provide relevant and inspiring locations for fieldwork and geographical studies. 

As a school we recognise our stewardship responsibilities and involve ourselves in environmental activities both within school and the wider community.  We have a group of 'Eco-Warriors' who work closely with the 'Marine Conservation Society' to keep our beach clean and our School Council supports 'Terra Cycle' to recycle crisp packets.

To see an overview of our geography curriculum click here.

To see our Geography Policy click here.

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